UAE Air Force RQ-1E remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) aircrews have completed several courses for the past few months that are being delivered by CAE Maritime Middle East (MME), including an RPA Sensor Operator Fundamentals Course and RPA Aircrew Fundamentals Course. And, the first class of cadets at the Khalifa Bin Zayad Air College will soon complete the RPA Fundamentals Course jointly developed and delivered by CAE MME and the Khalifa Bin Zayad Air College.  CAE MME is CAE’s Abu-Dhabi, UAE-based joint venture company.

The courses are all part of the training solution for RPA systems being developed by CAE under a contract signed last year to provide academic, simulator and live-flying training for the UAE Air Force’s fleet of RQ-1E Predator aircraft.

The initial courses are teaching UAE Air Force personnel about unmanned aerial systems concepts and theory, including flight characteristics and sensor theory. This includes learning about different types of unmanned systems and general aviation concepts as well as operational concepts for deploying remotely piloted aircraft to support operations.

CAE MME is establishing a training centre for the UAE Air Force where all RPA type conversion and mission training will be conducted. CAE has designed and developed the courseware and comprehensive curriculum for academic training and will soon begin delivering courses specific to the UAE Air Force’s RQ-1E Predator medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) RPA.

CAE MME instructors will also provide the liv- flying instruction for UAE Air Force RQ-1E Predator RPA aircrews.