Quantum3D Inc. announced its Simulator Modernization Program. Quality and costly investments, such as the Bell 412, should be able to maintain their value and not become irrelevant in this ever-changing technological world. With the help of Quantum3D’s team, a client’s aging simulator/training device can be upgraded with new features in the industry.

Refurbishing simulators with Quantum3D can help companies save up to 75 percent of the cost of a replacement. “Our customers have made significant investments in their existing training devices and our offering allows them to maximize their return on that investment while continuing to provide pilots with the best training possible,” explains Clayton Conrad, president and CEO of Quantum3D. All modernization services provided by this Silicon Valley company are available to upgrade any simulator type at any location worldwide.

Each simulator is unique. Quantum3D’s team can assess the current technical state of each simulator and understand the training intent of that Simulation Platform. Upgrades may include newest generation projectors to improve resolution and brightness; new Image Generators to improve the visual experience of the training environment; a new IOS for introducing new equipment, missing and other training challenges and new cockpit instrumentation for modernization.

New hardware installed in the Simulator Modernization Program comes with up to three years of warranty and up to 10 years of guaranteed reparability to give users comfort that their simulator will provide for their training needs for years to come. Most features of the simulator are Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment. For more details about the Simulator Modernization Program, contact the Quantum3D sales team at sales@quantum3d.com.