As part for the Pilot Training Next (PTN) initiative, the U.S. Air Force took delivery of two F-16C simulators at Kelly Field, Lackland Air Force Base that use MetaVR 3D real-time graphics, terrain and 3D models that comprise an immersive virtual cockpit for training student pilots. Housed in a relocatable shelter, the 2-ship simulators use a total of 30 MetaVR virtual reality scene generator (VRSG) channels for simulating the out-the-window; embedded HUD, HMD/HMIT; real time streaming protocol (RTSP) in the central display unit (CDU); ground map radar; targeting pod and maverick missile displays.

For the first time, MetaVR says, the 149th Fighter Wing unit has an F-16C Block 30 simulator that matches the current aircraft configuration such that it is concurrent with the hardware and software of the actual aircraft F-16C Block 30 System Capabilities Upgrade 9.0 standard. This concurrency is essential for training new student pilots such that the students train in a simulator that represents their block 30 primary F-16 training platforms.

Included in the 3D terrain is MetaVR's virtual replica of Lackland Air Force Base, (KSKF), which was built from 15 cm per-pixel source imagery of the of Lackland Air Force Base and Greater San Antonio blended into 1 mpp underlying imagery of its CONUS ++ terrain.