Photo Credit: Thomas Balfour, Uniformed Services University


The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) underwent a major technology upgrade in their wide area virtual environment (WAVE). The WAVE is a virtual reality (VR) environment in which medical and armed forces personnel train for combat situations in a high-intensity simulation. The system prepares trainees to handle distractions in a battlefield while attending to injured soldiers in combat scenarios. To accommodate the need for higher quality imaging and the request for lower maintenance technology, Mechdyne upgraded all of the projectors and projector screens in the WAVE.

USU requires a seamless immersive system, making battlefield and medical simulations as realistic as possible, increasing the effectiveness and safety of their training sessions. Before the recent technology upgrade, the WAVE consisted of lamp-based projectors and rigid projection screens.

In order to accommodate the need for higher quality imaging and requests for reduced maintenance to their projectors, Mechdyne partnered with Digital Projection to upgrade 48 lamp projectors to Digital Projection high-resolution laser projectors; 24 rigid projection screens to flexible projection screens, reducing sound reflections, minimizing gaps between screens and allowing easy replacement; and graphics processing units in the computers, upgrading content rendering for training scenarios.