Elbit Systems UK Ltd. as the prime contractor, together with QuantaDyn Corporation, recently completed delivery of a mobile Close Air Support (CAS) and joint fires simulator to the British Army. Built as a bespoke solution to satisfy requirement, the Joint Fires Mobile Trainer (JFMT) is now in active service with the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) and Fire Support Teams (FST) of the 1st Artillery Brigade.

The JFMT successfully underwent accreditation by the U.K. Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO) in August 2018, meeting all U.S. and NATO requirements to deliver simulated CAS training. The JFMT is accredited to simulate all controls currently allowable (types 1, 2, and 3, Full Motion Video, Rotary Wing, Night/IR, Remote Observer and Laser Target Designation).

In this contract, the JFMT is supplied as a fully serviced training package, all contained within a 20ft trailer that is able to be deployed and recovered by vehicles within short time frames. The system comprises a trainee station, an instructor/operator station (IOS) and a pilot station console. Visuals are provided within a high-resolution dome configuration coupled with a Computer Generated Force (CGF) and Semi-Autonomous Force (SAF) application. The Image Generation is multi-spectral, allowing use of in-service night vision devices in conjunction with a range of emulated equipment, such as laser designators, radios and binoculars providing trainees with a high-fidelity “train as you fight” experience.