MS&T would like to recognize the 2018 Industry Award Winners & Finalists one final time before the 2019 Winners are announced in mid-September. This week, we highlight the achievements of 4C Strategies, a 2018 Finalist in the Outstanding Service & Support Program Award category.

Program Finalist
UK Military Business Development Manager Graeme Mackay (left) and Group Military Director David Paterson (right) of 4C Strategies accept their plaque as a Finalist in the Outstanding Service & Support Program Award category for MS&T's 2018 Industry Awards.

What is the Outstanding Service & Support Program Award?

This award recognizes those exemplary programs that provide outstanding value to clients. The category includes, but is not limited to, programs such as:

  • Training as a service,
  • Long-term maintenance,
  • Management of facilities,
  • Exercise support, or
  • Any other long-term service and support arrangement.

Why 4C Strategies was selected as a 2018 Finalist:

The 4C Strategies EXONAUT system powers the British Army’s Collective Training Group’s exercise management system. 4C Strategies has supported the program since 2007 with an integrated project manager working full time within HQ CTG and with a team of delivery consultants, each of whom are collective training specialists and are embedded within the military teams to plan, deliver and analyse collective training exercises. EXONAUT allows for the generation of meaning from previously subjective exercise data in an auditable and assured way, enabling accurate assessment of readiness that is based on training performance.

Since the start of the contract, 4C Strategies has supported an average of 50 Battle Group, or larger, training events and a host of smaller sub-unit training activities per year. The system is the principle method of designing, developing, delivering and assuring collective training competence exercises in the British Army. Throughout the contract, 4C Strategies has achieved a 100 percent delivery record, and EXONAUT has been used on every collective training competency exercise as the principle planning and assurance system.

4C Strategies Program Update

4C Strategies was delighted to have been selected as a Finalist in the Outstanding Service and Support Award category in the 2018 Military Simulation and Training Industry Awards in recognition of its close partnership with the British Army’s Collective Training Group.  

As the British Army seeks to transform its collective training, including the capture, storage, analysis and exploitation of a wide range of metrics in support of its objective based training, 4C has continued to develop EXONAUT to fulfil those requirements. 4C’s Collective Training Assessment Tool manages, in a single platform, training outputs based on observations from observer mentors and a wide range of data and metrics pertinent to command, firepower, manoeuvre, information, protection, and sustainment. The system is on trial at the UK’s BATUS training area and will be developed further through the summer and autumn. In addition, 4C has been working closely with the Army’s Force Development branch, designing and fielding a tool to measure and track interoperability between allies. The tool was used for the first time in Warfighter 19/4 and recently in the ABCANZ Exercise Hamel in Australia. 

4C’s Group Military Director David Paterson said, “We are very proud of the close partnership we have with the Army’s Collective Training Group. Our ability to respond to emerging requirements in a flexible and agile manner and our expert team of committed consultants who continue to deliver a first class level of support are fundamental to this enduring relationship.”