Now in its 2nd year, MilSim CEE is an event focused on bringing the latest and most innovative training, modelling and simulation military technology to Central and Eastern Europe. Taking place in Brno, Czech Republic, over two days, the show is designed to encourage networking and thought sharing for both industry and military in the region. With a focus on creating an environment tailored to an under-served market, the Clarion-organised show builds on events from other parts of its defence portfolio, using that industry knowledge to create something uniquely relevant to the Eastern European market.

“MilSim CEE’s sister event, ITEC, has been running in Europe for more than 30 years and has predominantly been located in Western Europe – most recently in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK,” explains James Condley, event manager for MilSim CEE. “When we looked at the industry landscape, we identified a need for a separate event that would attract CEE countries with a different set of needs and budget restrictions. This requirement for a showcase of more cost-effective solutions led us to launch in the Czech Republic.”

By taking this approach, Clarion believes it has created a highly focused conference. “There will be speakers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Romania as well as the UK and the USA,” Condley says. “Industry will be showcasing its solutions, while senior military leaders and key NATO organisations will outline the development plans for expanding capabilities within the region.”

One of the major highlights for the event is the educational side of the show. This will include a live interactive demonstration/combat scenario from Bohemia Interactive Solutions as well as talks covering subjects such as:

  • Constructive Simulation for Tactical Course of Action Analysis: Problems and Requirements in Combat with Peer Adversary.
  • War Gaming and Doctrinal Experimentation in Support of Romanian National Defence.
  • Modelling and Simulation Supporting the Capability Planning Process.
  • WPC Distributed Training Centre’s Holistic approach to supporting LVC Exercises.
  • Development of Decision Support Tools to Support the Commander.

The line-up of speakers is equally impressive, with an opening address from Brig. Gen. Ing. Radek Hasala, head of Training Command, Czech Armed Forces; followed by presentations from Lt Col. Jan Mazal PhD, Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence, NATO; Col. Dan Bunduc, Romanian Armed Forces; as well as Col. Zdenek Mikula, Czech Armed Forces.

“The world of military training and simulation, and its associated technologies, is all about collaboration,” Condley says. “Bringing together industry, military and academia and giving them an opportunity to listen, ask questions and network is invaluable.”

This combination of education and product display means the organiser is expecting to attract over 150 delegates from Eastern Europe and further afield, covering a broad range of industry, military and academia. As for what they can expect, Condley sums it up simply – “interaction and discussion”.

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