ATPL theory publisher, Padpilot has announced the release of the first ATPL theory books for the new EASA 2020 syllabus. The Padpilot series of ‘2nd Edition’ ATPL (A) books is now available for use by ab-initio pilot training academies and ground schools and can also be downloaded directly from Apple Books.

The digital manuals can be read on any Apple device and are fully compliant with the updated content and Learning Objectives from EASA’s 2020 theoretical knowledge syllabus.

EASA stated: “The last significant technical update of the syllabi and LOs for the airline transport pilot licence (ATPL), multi-crew pilot licence (MPL), commercial pilot licence (CPL), and instrument rating (IR) theoretical knowledge courses for aeroplane and helicopter categories was conducted in 2006. Given the emergence of new technologies and the advancement of training philosophy, there was a need to review, amend, and update these LOs (where necessary). The theoretical knowledge training for ATPL, MPL, CPL and IRs should provide all the necessary knowledge and competencies to prepare pilots for performing state-of-the-art flight operations. The opportunity to review the applicable examination procedures, as required was also taken.”

The new syllabus is now in effect, although there is a lengthy overlap period with the old one. Dates for the first new syllabus exams vary between EASA member states, with some Approved Training Organisations (ATOs), for example in Sweden, already teaching the new syllabus with the corresponding new exams scheduled (pre-COVID-19) to begin there in May 2020.

According to EASA regulations, the old syllabus remains valid until 31 January 2022 when the final ATPL examinations will take place. However, the UK has been granted an extension, and the old syllabus will remain valid until the final exams in June 2022. During the current quarantine restrictions, many of Padpilot’s 58 partner ATPs have been able to move their ground school classes online, and theoretical knowledge instruction is continuing. However, due to the pandemic, ATPL exams are currently cancelled until further notice. The first exams for the new syllabus in the UK are scheduled to start this summer, although may now be delayed.