Based on Avion’s own flight training center experience, they can support companies with setting up their own training center. The Avion Full Flight Simulators have a unique self-contained design and do not require an access bridge or separate server or air conditioning rooms. This results in simplified building requirements and therefore lower costs. If needed, Avion Group sees to 24/7 operational support with the selection and training of local maintenance staff. When you can guarantee the hours, Avion Group will set-up and operate the center for you. It is even possible to operate a single bay center.   


Plug & Fly

The most important part of the Avion Flight Training Center is the Full Flight Simulator. The integration of all systems and components within the simulator is the technological fundament of the Avion Full Flight Simulator, making it a fully self-contained device. The simulator can be entered via the unique, built-in airstairs. Avion’s simulators are built with an aluminum frame, composite materials, and a minimum of wiring and therefore operates at significantly lower cost. It allows Avion to deliver a Plug & Fly experience.


A new perspective

To emphasize their revolutionary idea, Avion Group has rebranded their website ( and launched a new corporate video (see below).



Recorded in the training center of Avion Group at Malta, you can see the surprised faces of the pilots as they enter the Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator for the first time.


No more hassle

Avion gives aviation companies of all sizes the opportunity to reduce training costs and minimize travel time of pilots. But more importantly, Avion delivers an ultimate training experience that surprisingly excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.