Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) boasts three decades of experience in pilot training and to stay on top of the game, CAPA uses the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E) to create and distribute training modules that provide interactive and immersive virtual experiences.

Head of Training, Bodil Frost commented, “Our job is to prepare our students for a job with any airline, and we want to use the same methods and tools as the airlines, that is why the V360E is attractive for us. Furthermore, we experience that our students expect us to offer high quality digital tools. On top of it all we are always looking for ways to improve our training quality.”

Recently, CAPA unlocked another potential of the FlightLogger platform with the V360E integration.

CTKI, Anna Kjaer said, “We are here to support every student in his/her pursuit of a pilot career, that includes making sure that all students are well prepared when they start their pre-flight briefing. In the past, some students reported that it was troublesome to find the relevant information. Now with the V360E integration into the FlightLogger lesson plans it is easy for us - all is in front of the student. Just click the link. Our instructors report that students really benefit from it.”