Quantum3D was awarded a contract by Conair Group Inc. to design, build, and deliver five fully Networked Flight Training Devices for the world's first aerial firefighting training and tactics center in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. In addition, Quantum3D will be working with aerial firefighting subject matter experts from Conair to jointly develop advanced wildfire simulation software and training scenarios to improve the efficiency and safety of aerial firefighting.


Quantum3D has partnered with Aerx Labs for the reconfigurable cockpits, Q4 Services for the visual displays, and DBox for the 3-axis motion platforms.

The five integrated training devices are being designed to be reconfigurable to simulate the cockpit and flight dynamics for 8 different aircraft platforms performing different roles in an aerial firefighting mission. Each of these reconfigurable FTD's will be able to perform individual or joint training encompassing different aircraft platforms and scenarios.

“Quantum3D will also emphasize the coordination and interaction of multiple elements in the execution of a mission”, said Mark Matthews, President, Quantum3D.

In addition, the custom wildfire simulation software being developed will not only be simulating the ground fire and effects of the aerial retardant being applied by the trainees but will also be simulating the dynamic and dangerous environmental changes created by the fire that pilots may encounter.