Software developer Peter Moore will give a presentation at IT²EC 2020 on VR technology and how it can aid conduct after capture training.

One of the core conference themes at IT²EC 2020 is “Emerging Solutions: Propelling Today's Advances into the Digital Twin Age". Moore's session will explore how military training on conduct after capture can be enhanced,

Conduct after capture training targets military personnel at the greatest risk of capture. This is those who haven't received training on how to achieve the best possible outcome.

Moore hopes that VR headsets will help broaden the military numbers to undergo conduct after capture training.

Moore has first-hand experience of a hostage situation. Iraqi militia captured him and held him hostage for two-and-a-half-years in 2007 when he worked in the Iraq Finance Ministry.

Drawing on this experience and having spoken at hostage survival courses, Moore says that it became apparent there was a gap in the training processes for conduct after capture, with training currently taking more of a lecture style.

"The 360 degree video headset technology gives users multiple choices of actions after being captured," Moorse said. "Users are unable to move on to the next section until they have selected the correct best conduct. It teaches users what to be aware of, such as resistance to exploitation and interrogation."