Global performance improvement solutions provider GP Strategies Corporation has won the 2019 Supplier of the Year Award for Health and Safety from AVANGRID, a diversified energy company. The award was presented to GP Strategies during a ceremony near AVAGRID's headquarters in Orange, Connecticut.

GP Strategies has a 50-year history of providing technical training, consulting, and engineering services to the energy sector, one of the most highly regulated and technically complex markets in the world. GP Strategies' expertise supports health, safety, and compliance practices in the industry.

AVANGRID is a sustainable energy company operating eight electric and natural gas companies serving 3.3 million customers in New York and New England, as well as a renewable energy business with facilities in 22 states. With 6,500 employees, health and safety is a major concern.

"Safety is a core value. We say this often at AVANGRID because we believe it, and we work to reinforce it every day," stated Dave LaBelle, AVANGRID's Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety. "GP Strategies shares our philosophy that well-equipped, adaptable employees are our most valuable asset. Providing them with the tools and training to be successful in new and innovative ways is critical to our success as an organization."

Through 2022, AVANGRID is expected to invest nearly $12 billion in renewable power generation, gas distribution, and electrical transmission and distribution, paving the way for ongoing collaboration opportunities with GP Strategies. The two companies have just embarked on a partnership to design AVANGRID's future learning strategy.