Motion capture provider, Qualisys, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, has launched its newest motion analysis camera platform – the Arqus. Alluding to Argus, the Greek god of 100 eyes, the Arqus camera directly reflects the all-seeing nature of the centuries old story.

The all-weather Argus was carefully designed with the user in mind. It is built to be natively waterproof and dustproof, and has a wide array of compatible lenses, a 50% more powerful strobe, OLED display, and embedded active filtering technology.

The Arqus provides unprecedented accuracy and detail and is equipped with a brand new 26 MP full-FOV sensor. This capability, along with advanced marker detection algorithms, allows for in-depth analyses and insights that would go unnoticed in other mocap cameras; such as the ability to distinguish small markers even in bright sunshine.

The new camera utilizes the same unique daisy-chaining capability as its predecessor, the Miqus, which means significantly fewer cables to worry about.