The DiSTI Corporation has been updating its platforms and tools to improve the user experience across GL Studio. This maintenance release updates platforms and tools supported by GL Studio and offers a number of smaller features. These updated enhancements in GL Studio 7.1 are designed to upgrade the user experience in small but essential ways. DiSTI’s focus is on improving the User Interface Experience while continuing to build upon GL Studio’s Safety-Critical foundation.

Some of the most noteworthy changes within GL Studio 7.1 are added support for Visual Studio 2019 and for CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04; GL Studio Editor for Linux is now 64-bit, significantly improving the installation and user experience; the GL Studio Editor and its packages now use Python 3.8 for scripting instead of the recently end-of-lifed Python 2.7; and GL Studio for WebGL now builds with WebAssembly, producing smaller and faster programs.

GL Studio 7.1’s Editor and ES/Desktop Code Generator feature several new improvements to streamline development. For example, users now have the added ability to edit the location point of an object without moving it. Additionally, users can now create custom objects by clicking on the 3D canvas to place them rather than always appearing at the origin. Copying from the log now supports the more intuitive Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted text, rather than selecting copy from the right-click context menu.

With this update, DiSTI took our users in the realm of DoD into account, this is why GL Studio’s 7.1 64 bit editor makes the installation and maintenance of GL Studio much easier. GL Studio 7.1’s deferred texture loading reduces startup times, and the updated hardware compressed texture generation is now more intuitive.

With GL Studio 7.1, the Safety-Critical Embedded C++ Code Generator plugin is now built into the main installer. Furthermore, the Safety-Critical Code Generator now generates code in the Calculate() function that is specialized for SC code, rather than requiring one to delete Desktop/ES code from that function before first use.

“Our GL Studio development team continues to focus on releasing the best possible User Experience and the programming and runtime efficiencies our users have come to expect in this latest release,” said Christopher Giordano, VP of UX/UI technology.