RGB Spectrum announced the addition of CrossPoint KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse)-over-IP to its product portfolio, which allows operators to connect and control remote systems across a room or worldwide enterprise. Leveraging a standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network, the CrossPoint  KVM-over-IP system delivers a scalable KVM matrix switching solution, connecting multiple users with controllable systems including multi-headed computers. It offers high performance at low bit rates with latency performance as low as 40 miliseconds. Users can view and operate multiple systems from a remote station, with control by a single keyboard and mouse. CrossPoint’s scalable IP switching architecture delivers 4Kp60 4:4:4 UHD visual performance and keyboard and mouse responsiveness over a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network.

A point-to-point configuration pairs a CrossPoint Transmitter with a CrossPoint Receiver to extend bandwidth-efficient KVM control of a multi-headed host system. CrossPoint drives up to four monitors over a single Ethernet port (RJ45 or SFP) to simplify operations for applications including control rooms, dispatch centers, government, healthcare and education.

A networked CrossPoint KVM-over-IP system supports one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many configurations. It allows operators to view multiple desktops on a multi-display or multi-viewer operator station and take control of a system by moving the mouse to the target desktop using KlickSimple cursor navigation. CrossPoint receivers accept the encoded video streams from CrossPoint transmitters for display on up to four monitors, depending on model. Keyboard and mouse signals are sent back over the network to a CrossPoint transmitter and then forwarded to the computer over a USB link. Users select the signal to view on their receiver via an onscreen display or hotkeys.

The CrossPoint system provides simple control using the CrossPoint Central Manager application. This allows users to discover, configure, manage, and monitor all transmitter and receiver endpoints. It provides a system-level view of connections, where users can switch control of computers through an advanced on-screen-display (OSD) that features thumbnail previews. Presets are available for routine changes.

The system offers a high level of security. Central Manager can create and manage password protected user rights. Alternatively, industry-standard Microsoft Active Directory Services can provide user authorization. The CrossPoint system uses HTTPS, a secure communication protocol, with audio, video, and USB signals encrypted to protect both AV content and control signals.

The new CrossPoint system is a solution for remote KVM control of devices enterprise-wide.