Sterling Flight Training, LLC, located in Jacksonville, FL has placed an order for a Frasca Reconfigurable Training Device (RTD). The RTD will be configured as Piper Archer G1000 with a wrap-around visual display system and is qualified as an FAA AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device). The device includes digital sound simulation and provides a high level of realism that enables the students to transfer a greater amount of learning from the AATD to the aircraft.

The RTD will upgrade Sterling's current simulator capabilities and expand their training devices to accommodate a growing student body. Purdue Global University’s new professional flight degree program, of which they are the sole flight training provider, has an entire course built around this device. Students will complete 25 simulator hours practicing a variety of different maneuvers and procedures including an IFR cross-country lab, instrument approaches, holds and more.

Sterling currently operates a fleet of Piper and Cessna aircraft for training, including Seminole, Archer and Warrior models.