CPaT Global has launched its content-focused training software platform, CPaT Invent. Invent addresses inherent challenges of the aviation training industry such as multiple airframes, unique operating procedures, regulatory differences, and the need for ongoing modifications and tailored training programs.

Invent offers on-demand access to efficiently create, modify, and maintain training material. Whether companies need to develop new content or revise existing content, Invent is simple and intuitive. Invent comes equipped with aviation training courses tailored to the user’s specific airframe, but with the flexibility to make a variety of changes including text and voice selections, ability to upload personalized reference material, video, or photos, enhance trainings by leveraging CPaT’s library of images and graphics, and more.

Invent offers three fundamental pillars of capabilities – content design, content enhancement, and content control. Content design leverages pre-set course structure and slide templates spanning a multitude of formats from 2D, keypad training for FMS skills, to 3D capabilities for cockpit procedure and walk-around training. 3D imagery can also extend to virtual reality. Content enhancement allows for modification of CPaT or individual airline content. Content control enables courseware control and version history, while aiding in efficient change management.

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Invent helps make evidence-based training possible through the capture of students’ training data and enabling trainers to make real-time changes to curriculum.

“CPaT Invent is a revolutionary approach to distance learning that will empower airline training professionals like never before,” said Brian Bergeron, CPaT President. “We have re-imagined how aviation training is created, adapted to the customer and maintained. Distance learning in aviation training, as we know it, will forever be changed.”

Bergeron said release of Invent “will follow a phased approach by airframe with the first phase expected to complete by end of this year, followed by additional airframes rolling out by the end of the first half 2021.”