The DVI Group has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for work with the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command. Key members of DVI’s aviation design team will spend the next 13 months working closely with Air Mobility Command’s KC-10 Formal Training Unit to design fully functional prototypes of their state-of-the-art aviation training modules.

“This prototyping phase will generate a new baseline for an ultramodern video training library that will fit perfectly into the Air Force’s training ecosystem,” says DVI CEO, Matthew Lopes. “Upon completion and acceptance of Phase II, our mission is to begin building the most advanced video training library at scale for the KC-10 and other FTU’s across the Air Force enterprise.”

DVI’s patent-pending training system will transform thousands of pages of presentations and documentation into immersive learning experiences for Airmen. Since 2017, DVI’s system has been deployed to over 14,000 commercial pilots and proved to be a powerful tool for increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of pilot training.

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Major Douglas P. Zschoche comments: “Working with The DVI Group is an incredible opportunity for us to modernize aircrew training like never before. Through our partnership, we are bringing our student-facing training modules into the 21st century, nearly overnight. None of this would have been possible without AFWERX and the SBIR process, which enables teams like ours to find efficient, private sector solutions for otherwise insurmountable problems facing today’s Air Force.”