CAT Editor-in-Chief Rick Adams, FRAeS, talks with one of the leading experts on professional pilot careers about the state of the North American aviation market – recovery, retirements, furloughs, pay packages, and advice for moving to the head of the queue when hiring restarts (perhaps sooner than you think).

A Conversation with Kit Darby

The final section of this five part series is on The Right Stuff, MPL, and the 1500-Hour Law.

Kit talks about his concerns that the industry could go from oversupply of pilots to undersupply, plus opinions on MPL and the US hours-based training requirement.

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Part 2: Furloughs, Leaves of Absence, and the US CARES Act

Part 3Aircraft Utilization, Pilot Work Schedules, and Pilot Demand 

Part 4: The Risk Factor

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