Trideum is customizing its digital Virtual Tabletop (VTT) for the Lone Star Unmanned Aerial Systems Center of Excellence & Innovation (LSUASC) at Texas A&M University under a professional services contract. 

The LSUASC is one of seven Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) test sites in the U.S. where the agency researches, develops, tests and evaluates UAS technologies across educational, public and commercial interests. 

Trideum’s VTT is a tabletop scenario simulation product that uniquely combines enhanced visual map-based scenario animation with comprehensive planning, execution and evaluation capabilities, entities, actions, reactions, and test requirements. VTT is a distributed software platform that exercises systems under a variety of stressors and scenarios. It generates performance reports and actionable tasks to render systems secure.

At LSUASC, VTT will be used to create and execute a number of potential scenarios in the UAS domain in a digital tabletop exercise environment. Trideum’s product is particularly suited to support the LSUASC mission because it integrates and displays test requirements in relationship to associated segments and entities.

Originally developed to support Department of Defense Cyber Tabletop exercises, VTT is capable of mapping and dissecting threats to key systems and infrastructure. It identifies vulnerabilities and facilitates rapid response to system weaknesses before they are compromised or fail.

The VTT is flexible, and therefore can be applied to any critical system relevant to public safety or national security and effectively mitigates potential adverse effects. And because it was designed for distributed use, Trideum’s VTT can be used during the pandemic and in other circumstances where in-person exercises are not feasible or too costly.