Military Simulation and Training Magazine’s 2022 Industry Awards Program 

MS&T’s Simulation and Training Awards Program showcases the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to our military clients. Many metrics are used to describe value, but the underlying principle is that value ultimately resides in how well the client is enabled in achieving their goals. Value is about outcomes and is often expressed in terms of change in areas such as resource use, effectiveness, efficiency, time, access, or readiness, or even capability.

The awards for 2022 are listed below, with the opportunity for two award winners in each category; one for Small Business (50 employees or less) and one for Medium/Large Business (over 50 employees) for the Outstanding Innovative Product Award, Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application Award and Outstanding Serious Games for Learning Award. There will be only one recipient of the Halldale Pioneer Award.

What are the five award categories this year?

Outstanding Innovative Product - Small and Medium/Large Business categories


This award recognizes innovative products that provide enhanced value to the military client’s education, training or human performance domains. The category includes products such as instructional media, training devices or components, content development tools, analysis and evaluation tools and methods, and performance support.

Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application - Small and Medium/Large Business categories


This award recognizes those exemplary programs that provide outstanding value to clients. The category includes but is not limited to programs such as training as a service, long-term maintenance, management of facilities, exercise support, or any other long-term service and support arrangement.

Outstanding Serious Games for Learning - Small and Medium/Large Business categories


This award recognizes those exemplary programs that provide outstanding value to clients. The category includes but is not limited to programs such as training as a service, long-term maintenance, management of facilities, exercise support, or any other long-term service and support arrangement.


Small Business of the Year


This Award recognizes exemplary small businesses in the military S&T domain. Our definition of a small business is “a non-subsidiary, independent firm that employs fewer than 50 employees.” An exemplary small business leverages human capital, innovation and agility to grow and meet client needs, while cultivating a growing technical and social influence in the community.

The Halldale Pioneer Award


The defense S&T community plays an essential role in supporting military commanders’ development and maintenance of capability and readiness. Within this community there are individuals who demonstrate outstanding and significant technical and social leadership. This Award recognizes their contribution to the defense S&T community. The recipient of this Award will be selected and determined solely by the experienced, diverse MS&T Evaluators’ Panel. There will be only one recipient of the Halldale Pioneer Award.

How It Works

Nominations for awards in each of the award categories will be sought during the nomination period. Guidance for submissions is included in the detailed descriptions for each category. MS&T invites all industry readers to submit nominations in any or all categories. A separate standalone submission that meets the criteria and guidelines for each category is required for each award consideration. Nominations for 2022 will open on 31 May at 2pm UTC/10am EDT. The final deadline to receive all submissions is 15 July at 9pm UTC/5pm EDT.

A panel of MS&T editors and invited participants will evaluate the submissions for each category. Care will be taken to ensure that “conflict of interest” situations do not arise. For each category, each member of the panel will assess each submission against the criteria outlined for each category. The assessment will be based solely on the qualitative and quantitative data submitted. Each criterion is rated on a scale of 0 to 5. The presence of relevant testimonials that support the narrative will be acknowledged with 1 point where noted. Submissions are ranked according to the total points awarded. The panel will select up to three finalists in each category from the top ranking submissions. Should the panel determine there are too few quality entries in any category to support an award, MS&T reserves the right to not propose a slate of finalists.

Voting & Selection of Winners
MS&T print, digital and newsletter subscribers will be asked to select the winner of each category by voting online for the best finalist in each category. The voting period and directions will be announced by email. Voters will be able to review finalists’ edited submission summaries prior to casting their ballot. MS&T editors will prepare the summaries. Winners will be determined by a combination of votes from the community and MS&T Award panel members. If a tie or very close finish exists after the votes are counted, the panel members will have the responsibility to declare winners.

The Winners in each category will receive a crystal award trophy and a featured position in the Awards issue of MS&T. Awards will be presented during I/ITSEC via invitations by MS&T staff. 


31 May 2022: Awards submission period opens at 2pm UTC/10am EDT

  • MS&T will invite all subscribers via email to enter submissions for the 2022 Industry Awards.  The email will include instructions and guidelines for all four award categories. 
  • MS&T will also post awards submission invitation and instructions to the 2022 Awards page on the Halldale website and include in weekly MS&T eNewsletters and social media pages. 

15 July 2022 at 9pm UTC/5pm EDT: Deadline to receive all submissions.

16 July - 29 July 2022: MS&T evaluator panel’s review period to determine top finalists in each category and prepare finalist summaries.  

Week of 9 August 2022

  • All Finalists will be contacted directly about their achievement in awards status by MS&T staff via email and given instructions for the next steps of the program.

18 August 2022: MS&T Issue 2 advertising deadline.

6 September 2022: Finalists announced in MS&T Issue 2 publication. 

6 September - 20 September: Voting opens for the community's selection of winners. Voting for the winner in each of the four award categories begins. MS&T will provide the voting link and instructions via email invitation to all subscribers, as well as announce in MS&T’s weekly eNewsletter, website, and social media pages.

20 September 2022 at 9pm UTC/5pm EDT: Voting ends.

27 October 2022: MS&T Issue 3 advertising deadline.

18 November 2022: MS&T Issue 3 is published and will include the winners announcement.

18 November 2022:  MS&T’s 2022 Awards Issue (Issue 3) is published online including the announcement of Winners, Finalists, and Honorable Mentions in each category.  MS&T will issue a press release for wide distribution.

The 6 week submission period for MS&T’s 2022 Industry Awards opens on 31 May at 2pm UTC/10am EDT, and closes on 15 July 2022 9pm UTC/5pm EDT.  Submissions received after this date/time will not be considered. MS&T’s judging panel will evaluate all submissions and all finalists will be contacted via email by  9 August. The list of finalists will also be shared on this page on 6 September.


Q: I would like to receive 2022 MS&T Industry Awards program emails, how can I sign-up?
A: Please email to request to be added to our awards program email list.

Q: I would like to sign-up for a free account on your website at as well as the MS&T weekly enewsletter that includes the latest simulation & training industry news, announcements, and features. Where can I create an account?

A: Please click on this link to register for your free account and sign-up to receive MS&T enewsletters.

Q: I would like to see the list of 2020 Winners, where can I find that?
A: Click here to view the online listing of 2020 Winners for each award category.  You may also view MS&T’s 2020 Awards Issue, including the full listing of Winners, Finalists, and Honorable Mentions by clicking here. For additional questions about MS&T’s Industry Awards program, please contact Holly Foster at