Visionary Training Resources has established a partnership with JetBlue Airways to trial its virtual reality (VR) pilot training. The innovation project is backed by JetBlue’s corporate venture subsidiary JetBlue Technology Ventures to bring startup use cases to the airline.

VTR provides airlines and pilots with modern learning tools that improve training efficiency and success rates. Its signature virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGoTM, is an immersive, portable, virtual flight deck.

As part of this partnership, FlightDeckToGoTM will be tailored to JetBlue’s exact needs and specifications. This customized approach provides pilots with an efficient learning tool as  they prepare for Airbus A320 simulator training.

“Airlines are looking to quickly integrate virtual reality in pilot training for its standardization abilities and efficient nature. This partnership model allows us to deliver cost-effective learning solutions that meet the complex and customized requirements of commercial airlines,” said Captain Evey Cormican, CEO.

“Virtual learning is coming to the flight deck, and we want to have a seat at the table in its development. We are thrilled to test and grow VTR’s platform which is built by pilots for pilots,” said Stephen Snyder, Managing Director at JetBlue Technology Ventures.