Paramount Aviation Services and Gozen Digital Aviation (GDA) have signed a strategic agreement naming the Miami Airport-based facility as the first user of the SIMORG software, an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for flight simulator training centers. Paramount will as well have the privilege to act as a sale agent of GDA in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean, supporting the commercial activities of SIMORG and thus showcase the software to potential customers in a real-life setting. With this agreement, both parties made a strong commitment to their long- term partnership projections.

Şevket Numanoğlu, CEO of Gozen Digital Aviation commented “the appointment of Paramount as our sales agent in the in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean is the first step in Gozen Digital Aviation’s planned increased presence in the regional market for flight training software. Gozen Digital Aviation chose Paramount as its partner based on the excellence of its training facility, its technical competence and customer service reputation all essential in making SIMORG a success”.

Vincent La Forgia, President and CEO of Paramount Aviation Services explained, “this state-of- the-art software will further enhance the efficiency of our business, our customer service levels and financial controls.“