Quantum3D has added new features to MANTIS  viXsen Sensor plug-in: Sensor Screen Grab. 

ViXsen is a physics-based, dynamic, real-time sensor simulation product. It allows users to model advanced Infrared (IR), Electro-optical (EO) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) devices that are fully correlated with the Out the Window (OTW) view of a visual simulation.

It is a plugin for MANTIS that simulates sensors such as FLIR and NVG using real-time per pixel-based computations. Per pixel-based computations allow for more accurate temperature, lighting and atmospheric scattering computations which results in realistic simulation of the real world sensor display. viXsen is highly configurable by the user, allowing a wide range of sensor types to be emulated.

Following an order for new requirements from a long-standing customer, Quantum3D recently added new capabilities to its viXsen plug-in. The new capabilities allow for capture to a file of the temperature and radiance images of the scene currently being displayed. This allows for more detailed offline analysis of the scene. This new capability was delivered ahead of schedule.