WATS 2022 is underway and the show floor and conference room is buzzing. To see so many friends and colleagues from around the world is fantastic. Have a look through our gallery of what's going on at WATS and meet our class of 2022! 

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Andy Smith, President and CEO of Halldale Group said: "I'm delighted at the level of attendance and it's great to see so many enthusiastic and positive and new attendees this year. Our attendance levels are back to pre-covid levels with a 40% non-US audience, an excellent opening session with four airline training leaders covering wide-ranging topics from pilot instructor recruitment and retention, virtual reality and training and future curricula. 

"In terms of what's happening and what's trending, virtual reality – whether for pilot, cabin or maintenance personnel, electric aircraft from training aircraft to airline fleet. It was nice to see the role of the cabin crew and maintainers in the opening presentations as being critical to the overall success of the airline sector. Also in discussion are the different platforms for delivering remote training, adaptive learning, artificial intelligence and enabling all those technologies to work, better use of data. 

"I'd also like to thank our exhibitors and sponsors for partnering with us this year, enabling us to deliver an event back at pre-Covid levels. We're also looking to the future with the next event APATS, with much enthusiasm from our exhibitors to return to the Asia market."

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The latest innovations and technologies are being showcased on the tradeshow floor. Thanks to all our exhibitors and sponsors for being part of this year's event!

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Anyone for a game of Jenga? Our sponsors love to get creative!

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The trade show is always very popular at WATS, this year is no exception, sore feet at 3pm is a norm!

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Coffee break = networking! There's a reason we say 3 month's business in 3 days!

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VR is such a hot topic right now in the industry, lots of active conversations and busy booths!

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Lunchtime and more networking .... 

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Trying out the latest tech and upgrades

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The cabin crew conference that started off this afternoon began with huge cheers; everyone was so happy to be back together.

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Jacques Drappier opened the afternoon's pilot sessions "Recovery and Resilience", welcoming an exciting panel of speakers covering airline and regulatory. 

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New for 2022, our WATS LATAM working group, sponsored by Pro-Sim and FTD.aero, focused on usable takeaways for airlines, regulators, and Airline Training Organizations. 

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Day 2 - Wednesday 4th May 2022

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Lots of productive conversations taking place at the trade show this afternoon! Oh and did we mention lots of smiles too?

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Lots of busy booths, our exhibitors have earned a beer tonight!

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Smile, you're on camera!

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The booth designs this year have been exceptional.  Thanks to all our exhibitors for making WATS 2022 such a colourful and fun show!

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Andy and Chrissy Smith, enjoying a brief catch up before the afternoon sessions begin.