Magos, a Greek company developing haptic feedback gloves for virtual reality applications, and VRpilot, a Danish company developing pilot training software, have partnered to develop a virtual reality cockpit procedure training concept with haptic touch feedback. The concept will use Magos haptic feedback gloves and VRpilot’s cockpit procedure training platform, VRflow.

Thor Paulli Andersen, Partner, VRpilot: “They have an amazing and exciting product, and bring a lot of experience with interacting with the virtual world. Together, we will explore the potential of adding a new dimension of immersion to VR cockpit procedure training for pilots. VR is already today a fantastic tool for muscle memory training. Adding the capabilities of the Magos gloves will provide the pilots with dexterity in their training, enhancing training experience. We expect that the collaboration with Magos will be a step on the road to obtaining EASA and FAA simulator hour accreditation of our VRflow training platform.”

Vasilapostolos Ouranis, co-founder and COO, Magos: “Our common goal is to offer a more immersive, intuitive and natural user experience, where prospective pilots can interact with their fingers in the virtual cockpit, as they would in the physical one.”