George’s Aviation Services in Honolulu, Hawaii, has selected ALSIM and purchased an AL172 simulator. It will come with the latest ALSIM visual system with laser projectors.

The ALSIM AL172, built to FAA FTD Level 5 standards and already certified as an AATD, is a replica of a new Cessna 172SP Skyhawk with a real Garmin G1000 NXI and GFC700 auto pilot.

George Hanwaza, CEO of George’s Aviation Services, explains his choice: “I was first introduced to ALSIM several years ago while attending an Air Show in Florida.  Dr. Scott Firsing took the time to show us all the great features of the AL172. I was really impressed by the button for button and full cockpit realism of this simulator.

George’s Aviation Service is located in Honolulu Hawaii and living on an Island the weather conditions can change in a matter of minutes (I feel this simulator will save lives by allowing us to give the pilots the knowledge need to learn to trust the instruments and keep the skills needed to fly and control the aircraft, interpret the information and apply the inputs to maintain safe flight, in a safe direction and altitude). AL172 is a FTD Level 5 simulator and is a fully certified AATD that matches our fleet of Technically Advance Aircraft (TAA) that we offer today.

As an owner of a flight school, I feel I have an obligation to give our customers the best flight training possible, in the safest environment in the air and on the ground. I wanted to do this in the most cost-efficient way, that meets the flight requirements issued by the FAA, for the rating you are working for.  ALSIM allowed us to do just that.”