PLEXSYS Interface Products UK LTD (PLEXSYS) has built on their Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Thales, announced in June. PLEXSYS and Thales Training and Simulation (Thales) have announced Hadean as the next member of a growing team to help deliver next-generation operational training solutions to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Hadean’s next-generation platform combines data and computation at scale, providing a unified platform for synthetic environments and digital twins. Their addition to the already established MoU with Thales will further enhance the partnership’s capabilities in synthetic battle-space training, digital simulation systems, artificial intelligence (AI), modelling, integration expertise, and more.

The team will combine their complementary skills, expertise, and services across multiple domains to address the critical MoD challenge of retaining an operational edge over potential adversaries by effectively integrating disparate military capabilities.

Designing and building for scale, high fidelity, and integrating live data with simulation, the Hadean, PLEXSYS, and Thales team will harness their collective expertise to provide a layered approach to multi-domain operational training.

“Through our Hadean Platform, we’ll be providing a strong backbone to allow them to push the boundaries of their expertise and build truly cutting-edge capabilities for cross-domain collaboration and data intelligence using synthetic environments. Together, we’ll provide military end-users with essential tools for maintaining battle-readiness and gaining the upper hand in an increasingly complex global strategic context,” stated Craig Beddis, CEO and co-founder of Hadean.

These growing partnerships between Primes and SMEs are designed to bring together technological innovation in the UK in operational analysis, digital twins, and next-generation operational training. In doing so, team is supporting the UK’s Armed Forces to maintain the technological edge required to support the nation’s sovereign military capabilities. Simultaneously, ensuring these capabilities and effects can be adapted and used to maximise their effectiveness in today’s evermore demanding and complex multi-domain battle-space.