For the eighth year in a row, Women in Aviation (WAI) International has received a grant from the International Society of Transport Aircraft Training (ISTAT) Foundation, an organization committed to fostering interest in, creating opportunities for, and providing assistance to the global aviation community. The foundation donated $15,000 in support of WAI’s programs designed to promote women working in all areas of aviation and aerospace.

"The ISTAT Foundation’s continued support of Women in Aviation International is vital to our work to bring diversity and equity to the aviation and aerospace industry,” says WAI CEO Allison McKay. “Our focus is to increase the number of women who work in every aspect of the aviation industry. We have no doubt that lives are changed by the work we do to encourage diversity throughout our industry. We are proud to have the support of the ISTAT Foundation to help us reach our goals.”

As in past years, The ISTAT Foundation is identified as the distribution sponsor of this year’s Aviation For Girls (AFG) issue. The 2022 issue will be available digitally to all Women in Aviation International members and any interested individuals.

Aviation for Girls will also be polybagged with the September/October 2022 issue of Aviation for Women so that all WAI members have a copy of the magazine to pass along to a daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, or other girl in their lives.    

Through this 36-page magazine, girls ages 8 to 17 are introduced to careers in aviation and aerospace.  Aviation for Girls is an integral part of WAI’s Girls in Aviation Day. The print version of Aviation for Girls 2022 will be provided to thousands of GIAD participants worldwide, and all eight issues of the magazine are available digitally on the Aviation for Girls App.