Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-03) joined Bellarmine President Susan M. Donovan at Bellarmine’s College of Health Professions to tour the school’s health simulation facility and announce a $1 million federal investment to expand the program and create the Bellarmine Community Health Professions Simulation Training Center.

Yarmuth secured the award through the House Appropriations Committee’s Community Project Funding program, one of 10 local projects successfully funded through Yarmuth’s requests.

“The ongoing public health crisis has made absolutely clear the vital importance of healthcare workers and the dire need to grow this workforce. That is why I’m proud to have sought and secured $1 million to fund the Bellarmine Community Health Professions Simulation Training Center,” Yarmuth said. “With this funding, Bellarmine will be able to expand and create an even more advanced, state-of-the-art health profession simulation center. This center will help ensure that students here on campus have access to real-world scenarios and experiences to meet the healthcare challenges of today.”

The federal funding will allow Bellarmine to expand its current simulation program by hiring two additional personnel and adding advanced equipment and supplies. This will increase capacity for supporting not only more Bellarmine students but also other students in the community, primarily those at Jefferson County Public Schools.

Some of the new equipment will provide a dedicated space for simulated obstetrics, pediatrics, and adult care — including pregnancy, childbirth and care of the newborn and child.

"Eventually, we envision a Family Healthcare room that will provide learners with the means to simulate patient experiences across the lifespan, from prenatal care to aging care," Dr. Donovan said.

Bellarmine students work with a simulated newborn patient as President Susan M. Donovan, far right, speaks with Congressman John Yarmuth in the simulation facility in Miles Hall. Photo by Brendan J. Sullivan.