Training for Aviation’s Next Era

The 20th European Airline Training Symposium

8-9 November 2022 • Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany


Fabian Risen is the co founder and CEO of VRM Switzerland, makers of the first Virtual Reality (VR) based Flight Simulation Training Device to receive EASA qualification. At EATS 2022, Fabi will use his presentation in Berlin to discuss how VR and his company's devices can assist ATOs in delivering training that will improve overall flight safety.

These simulators allow you to execute credible training and checking which enhances flight safety and reduces training cost. Pilot competencies like workload management, execution of procedures, leadership qualities, problem solving and decision-making skills can be adapted to the trainees needs in realistic flight sessions and scenario-based trainings.  

Furthermore, the realism of the training devices allows cadets to practice emergency procedures and situations which cannot be routinely done in a real aircraft.

Fabi will use a research report that VRM executed to validate his belief that splitting time between the aircraft and simulator only improves flight safety. 

But what does this mean for ATOs? Fabi will talk through what needs to change in order for ATOs and future pilots to get the most out of these incredibly versatile devices.

Fabi's presentation is part of our careful curated offering at EATS 2022, which is packed full of the latest innovative training solutions for pilots and cabin crew. Supported by the training industry and subject matter experts, the EATS 2022 conference will provide practical solutions for those day to day challenges and offers key insights into the future of the industry.

Presentations and moderated discussions led by industry and airline experts will allow the airline training community to share best practice, lessons learned and the challenges of recovery and return to growth.

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