Advanced Rotorcraft Technology will use BRUNNER’s NOVASIM Virtual Reality Full Motion Simulator in the future to demonstrate high definition Flight Dynamics Models based on their FLIGHTLAB software. ART customers and future clients will now have the opportunity to test and fly various flight models at different model fidelities. BRUNNER’s NovaSim fulfills a need for ART and its demanding customers in the Defense, Academia, and the Civil market.

“Partnering with ART shows the full potential of the NovaSim VR/MR which only Virtual Reality full motion simulators will reveal,” according to Mario Ackermann, Sales & Marketing Manager at BRUNNER. “From Bell407, Airbus H125, UH-60 Black Hawk and emerging eVTOL models all can be flown now on one device, which we’re very excited about.”

The device is now configured as a Bell 407 Helicopter and will feature first ART’s B407 physics-based model. Other physics-based models, such the Airbus H125, UH-60 Blackhawk, customer flight models, and eVTOL models are also planned to be implemented and demonstrated. The compact and easy to reconfigure NOVASIM VR Simulator makes flight model demonstration more efficient and cost effective, either in ART’s showroom or at national and international events.

NOVASIM VR offers a 360-degree full virtual external view, which lets the pilot immerse in the simulated environment. Varjo’s high performance “human eye resolution” HMDs  have been integrated with NovaSim’s motion algorithms.

“With the NovaSim VR we at Advanced Rotorcraft Technology are able to demonstrate to our current and future customers our very accurate flight models in a totally immersive experience, for both training and engineering development,” said Ronald Du Val, President of ART. “Now they have the ability to feel the difference of the flight model in use. The very smooth behavior of the Motion Platform adds important cueing to the pilot and effectively augments the MR/VR visual display.”