Wings Airline Academy is now offering over $100,000 of scholarships to U.S.- and UK-based students who are ready to get their commercial pilot training started.

Following successful selection and completion of Wings Airline Academy’s US/FAA Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL), each person selected for a 2023 Wings Scholarship will then be eligible to complete the school’s Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating at no cost.  (Normally costing $9000)

In addition, once completing the CFI, students will be eligible to work for Wings as a Flight Instructor to build the hours of flying required to take their next step into an airline job with one of the school’s several airline partners.

The deadline for the 2023 Scholarships is Friday December 16, 2022. Following selection, all applicants chosen for scholarships must start their initial flight training PPL (private pilots license) prior to 1 April 2023, which will then lead on to the Instrument Rating and CPL (commercial pilots license) before completing the CFI (certified flight instructor) training.

For U.S. students, Wings does offer a range of financing options for PPL and CPL and then the Wings scholarship covers CFI training.  Please visit Wings’ student finance page to get more details about its financial partners offering student loans and additional AOPA scholarships to new pilots or contact the school to talk to a Training Advisor.