Inovus Medical has unveiled its next-generation Digital Surgery Platform on the opening day of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Annual Scientific Congress, in San Diego California. 

Known as Totum , the platform is already accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons England, and will initially focus on delivering a connected surgical training ecosystem via the company’s growing portfolio of high fidelity surgical simulators. 

Totum was created to connect surgeons by integrating mobile, native and web applications. The platform offers a comprehensive single feature set on the digital surgery solution. Core features include a surgical procedural recording and review function, remote certification and credentialling, and the presentation of objective surgical performance metrics generated by novel instrument tracking algorithms.

Developed to accommodate wide-ranging interoperability via an open API and SDK framework, Inovus describes Totum as a ‘scalable, modular platform’. The framework allows the Totum feature set to be applied across a range of devices, and this has already been achieved for the company’s own minimally invasive surgical simulators - LapAR and HystAR. Totum’s interoperability was demonstrated across multiple devices throughout the ACS congress. 

A mobile-based Totum app will also be showcased working in conjunction with the company’s basic surgical skills platform. The aim is to highlight Totum‘s ability to enable ‘purposeful practice’ through supporting and tracking open procedure skills.

Dr Elliot Street, Co-founder and CEO said, “The ‘open to all’ approach we have taken to the development of Totum is our prime driver in achieving this mission. To deliver on this commitment we must ensure our technologies can be accessed by surgeons all over the world, at every stage in the surgical training and care continuum. Our scalable, modular platform mindset ensures Totum is device-agnostic, so it can be easily deployed across many devices used in surgical training and the delivery of surgical care.”

A recent rigorous assessment of Totum by the Royal College of Surgeons of England has awarded accreditation to the platform for an initial three-year period. The accreditation allows individuals engaged in surgical training powered by Totum to earn CPD points for their time spent training.

Jordan Van Flute, Co-Founder and CTO of Inovus said, “Totum will allow surgeons to maintain a digital record of every procedure they have ever performed, accompanying them from the moment they first pick up a tool during a simulated procedure through to operating in theatre. This was made possible by a team of highly skilled engineers that will no doubt continue to be influential in the field of digital surgery for years to come."