Vcom3D’s  Immersive Modular Patient Care Team Trainer (IMPACTT) delivers high-fidelity, virtual simulations for medical teams performing in environments ranging from Point of Injury to Air Evacuation and Hospital Care. Using IMPACTT’s Virtual Patient and Virtual Equipment, teams are trained and assessed in critical decision making, communication, and team dynamics. IMPACTT training uses low-cost, primarily COTS equipment and can be delivered at the point of demand.

IMPACTT includes its own wireless access point so that all learner modules can be networked together, without adding requirements to the training facility infrastructure. Twelve or more wired or wireless modules are accommodated, and all can operate from rechargeable batteries. IMPACTT complies with all MoHSES (Modular Healthcare Simulation and Education System, formerly Advanced Modular Manikin, or AMM) data interoperability standards. This enables it to integrate with Vcom3D and 3rd party manikins, part task trainers, and augmented reality / virtual reality (AR/VR) systems that conform to, or have been adapted to, the MoHSES data standards.

The IMPACTT Team Trainer is a system of systems that wirelessly integrates Vcom3D’s implementation of the MoHSES open-source standard with various configurations of Vcom3D and third-party medical simulation and training modules. These modules can be configured to simulate multiple echelons of care. Team performance impacts patient’s condition during real-time scenarios. Individual and Team Performance is captured in both team assessments and patient outcomes.

IMPACTT Team Trainers deliver high-fidelity, low bandwidth virtual simulations for medical teams training in austere to definitive care environments, including Emergency Room (ER), and Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC). Both military and civilian virtual patients and environments are included, with over 150 medical interventions available to learners. IMPACTT also includes an Instructor and Assessment tablet that automatically tracks team performance.