The first ALSIM AIRLINER in France has been sold to MERMOZ ACADEMY.

The AIRLINER is the new hybrid simulator (Fly-by-wire and conventional control) manufactured by ALSIM to address large flight training programs for advanced training such as Crew Resource Management, Jet Aircraft Handling, and Emergency Procedures. The versatile simulator is inspired by many different single-aisle aircraft, such as the A320, the A220, or the A350. Its generic flight model is based on new computational fluid dynamics offering a similar experience as FFS level D. On top of this, the AIRLINER represents the latest technology available in modern aircraft with similar automation and flight management systems.

Stéphane Larrieu, the Director of MERMOZ ACADEMY, explains: “MERMOZ ACADEMY is proud to have chosen ALSIM’s AIRLINER in the A320 version to provide its own MCC APS and to get closer to the skills sought by the airlines. As the first training school in France, MERMOZ ACADEMY has chosen ALSIM for the reliability, the quality of finish, and the realism of its simulators.”

The AIRLINER will allow the MERMOZ ACADEMY team to go further in crew training and focus on learning the key skills required by airlines today,” said Nicolas FABRIES, ALSIM’s Sales Account Manager. “The cockpit’s realism, the avionics’ modernity, and the flight model’s complexity - based on fluid mechanics - make the AIRLINER a unique training tool for airliner familiarization, the missing piece between initial training and type rating."

Both ALSIM and MERMOZ ACADEMY are exhibiting at this year's European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), taking place 8-9 November in Berlin, Germany. ALSIM is an ATO Programme Sponsor of EATS and is exhibiting at booth #421. Stop by booth #201 to find out more about MEMROZ ACADEMY.