CAE USA, in partnership with CymSTAR, have selected Britannica's Fox as the training management system (TMS) for the US Air Force C-5 Aircrew Training System (ATS) project.

CymSTAR chose Fox for its algorithm-based optimization engine, which will create valid, feasible, and optimized training schedules that capture the US Air Force’s real-world complexities. The US Air Force has highly complex training scheduling needs with multiple courses for the entire C-5 crew including pilots, loadmasters, maintenance, instructors, and flight engineers. Fox will optimize utilization and processes for training personnel and physical resources, including CAE’s instructors, simulators, training devices, and maintenance work. Due to Fox’s automation, planners and schedulers will save considerable time, particularly when unplanned issues arise.

The US Air Force will use Fox to replace their legacy GTIMS System, their current LMS and manual processes, and will manage and deliver training for the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy aircrafts through Fox’s features for Training Optimization and Learning Management (LMS).

 Fox will be installed onsite at the US Air Force’s Lackland base in San Antonio, Texas.