Adacel Technologies’ new business expansion in Tallinn, Estonia, is the result of the virtual ATC tower acquisition, which was completed in May 2022 and launched as REVAL at the 2022 World ATM Congress in June.

The new office will focus exclusively on developing and growing Adacel’s virtual ATC business, while working in close collaboration with Estonian Air Navigation Services to deliver its vision to fully digitize Estonia’s regional airports by 2025.

“Besides solidifying our presence in Europe, we are happy to offer our customers REVAL’s advanced technology,” shares Michael Saunders, Adacel’s V.P., Business Development and Strategy. “This modern system will bring new operational efficiencies with major benefits, especially for small regional airports in Estonia and around the world.”

Built on modular, open architecture principles, REVAL is suitable for a variety of functional needs, including integration with existing or new air traffic management, communication, navigation, and surveillance systems.