AeroGuard Flight Training Center has signed a long-term agreement with Cathay Pacific as part of the airline's plans to train several hundred new pilots per year in Phoenix, Arizona. AeroGuard has over 20 years' experience training more than 7,000 pilots from all over the world and will now support Cathay Pacific in their efforts to prepare for a global recovery of airline travel following the pandemic.

AeroGuard will support Cathay Pacific with two training programs - one for those joining the airline with no prior flight experience, and another for pilots looking to convert their licenses to the Hong Kong standard. Under these programs, Cathay Pacific plans to train over 1,000 cadet pilots by 2025, increasing capacity yearly to meet the growing travel demand expected within the Asian aviation hub.

Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton, and member of the House Subcommittee on Aviation, assisted AeroGuard in securing and expediting the training program approval with the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Representative Stanton's support was invaluable in making sure the approvals were obtained in a timely fashion. Training will take place at AeroGuard's Phoenix, Arizona campus and is expected to bring over $100 million of export activity and nearly 200 highly skilled jobs to the region within the aviation industry.

These new Cathay Pacific flight training programs are expected to take students approximately 10 months to complete with AeroGuard, taking students from no flight time to becoming a commercially rated pilot. Prior to flight training, students will complete ground school classes at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and then after completing the program with AeroGuard they will return to Cathay Pacific for their line training, after which they will start flying for the airline.

With ideal weather conditions, flight training is possible more than 350 days a year, and when combined with ample planes and flight instructors, students will be able to complete the program and fill pilot staffing needs quickly.

Cathay Pacific's first class of student pilots completed their ground school training in Hong Kong, and started at AeroGuard earlier this month, with additional classes planned throughout 2023 and beyond.