Icelandair has selected VRpilot to deliver immersive procedure training tools for flight crew training on the Boeing 737 MAX. VRpilot will deliver virtual reality headsets with its VRflow procedure training platform, tailored to Icelandair’s 737 MAX procedures and cockpit layout.

Guðmundur Tómas Sigurðsson, Head of Training, Icelandair: “Icelandair takes great pride in providing industry leading training to all our crew members and we are continuously looking into methods to improve the quality of our training. It is my firm belief that our cooperation with the great team at VRpilot is a big step towards that goal and we see great opportunities in the future development of the product.

Icelandair has selected the newly launched Pico 4 Enterprise VR headsets to run their version of VRpilot’s VRflow platform.