The XR Association (XRA) has worked closely with Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester’s staff to draft H.R. 9674: Immersive Technology for the American Workforce Act of 2022, which was introduced to the House of Representatives in December 2022. According to XRA, the legislation would provide grants to community colleges and technical centers to use extended reality technology for workforce development and skills training. If this bill is passed, colleges and education centers will be able to invest in XR technology for on-the-job training, helping accelerate the future of work.

“Emerging technologies, such as XR, can help meet people where they are and expand access to cutting-edge technology and training resources,” said Elizabeth Hyman, CEO of XRA. “Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester’s bill recognizes the importance of equitable access to skills training and workforce development programs and the key role immersive technology plays in delivering better outcomes.”