FLAIM Systems has released the latest edition to FLAIM Extinguisher. The new software release includes new scenarios – workplace fire warden scenario, air ambulance scenario, corrections facility scenarios – and also includes a new army bulk fuel tanker fire environment and FLAIM Launcher.

The highlight of this new software release for FLAIM Extinguisher is the new Workplace Fire Warden scenario, which is a procedural scenario that puts trainees in the shoes of a fire warden and tests their response to a fire emergency.

In this update, FLAIM has also expanded its suite of air ambulance environments and now offer two inflight medical bay scenarios: a medical equipment fire and a medical bag fire.

This update also introduces two Corrections Facility scenarios that require precise and detailed procedures to evacuate inmates and fight fires in prisons safely.

In the newest Army Bulk Fuel Tanker Fire training environment at a remote fuel depot, trainees must isolate the fuel delivery manifold on an army truck before proceeding to extinguish the fire.

Finally, the new FLAIM Launcher interface and setup make installing, managing, and updating FLAIM Workplace Safety apps easier than ever. It also allows for greater control and customisation of settings and localisation and updates are now much smoother and faster.