The Indian Army is looking to acquire 142 Combat Weapon Training Simulators (CWTS) and 76 Indoor Containerised Shooting Ranges (ICSR) with shelter and accessories. 

The Indian Ministry of Defence has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for acquisition of the CWTS, ICSR as an emergency procurement.

The procurement will be made under the ‘Buy (Indian)’ category under Indian defence procurement, which mandates the purchase from an Indian firm. The MoD has asked for an indigenisation content level of 50% for both systems, if they are of indigenous design. 

The RFP specifies a 10 lane untethered system and each CWTS will comprise of seven replica rifles - one Light Machine Gun (LMG), one Close Quarter Battle (CQB) weapon and one rocket launcher. The CWTS should be able to create operational or tactical scenarios for ambush, counter-ambush, raid, attack, defence to include Counter Insurgency/ Counter Terrorism operations

Computer generated tactical scenarios must include different terrains encompassing plains, semi-deserts, jungles, mountains, high altitude area and built up areas, etc.