URBE AERO FLIGHT ACADEMY has purchased two flight simulators: B737 MAX and A320 NEO, from FTD.AERO, which will be located inside the headquarters of the school in Rome Urbe Airport. With this new investment, the Flight Academy aims to strengthen its position in Italy and southern Europe to train a large number of students and to fully respond to the growing need for pilots by airlines over the next 10 years.

Simulators manufactured by FTD.aero are reproductions of original flight decks, which enables training in a very realistic Airline Pilot Standard (APS) environment. They also meet and exceed basic EASA and FAA certification requirements and in many aspects they are closer to type-specific trainers, like FTD-2. Besides approved trainings like MCC, ME, IR and MPL, a number of other trainings can be successfully conducted using FTD.aero FNPT II APS MCC simulators: SOP, JOC, ab-initio and pre-TR, FMS training, airline assessments. To achieve extremely high fidelity, FTD.aero’s own components are combined with a number of OEM aircraft parts, such as pilot seats, flight controls, switches, quick donning oxygen masks. 

The A32N simulator comes with original aircraft side sticks to provide Level-D flight controls feedback to pilots. The B73M device features a fully-motorized Throttle Quadrant and OEM control columns and yokes equipped with an Advanced Electric Active Control Loading System tuned to match real aircraft characteristics and is capable of simulated hydraulic failures including full manual reversion.  

This all, together with highly realistic simulation of aircraft systems – FMS, AP and F/D, EGPWS, TCAS and the 4K Visual Display System with a worldwide airports database – make Urbe Aero’s new flight simulators extremely immersive and efficient training devices for both active and future airline pilots, flying on B737 and A320 aircraft.

“We are proud of our choice which will allow us to be even more advanced in pilot training by giving them the opportunity to be trained on the aircraft most used by the major airlines, at this time,” said Lorenzo Mezzadri, Accountable Manager of URBE AERO FLIGHT ACADEMY. “With these two new simulators we are committed to create a new next generation of top pilot and to support in training partner airlines through a high-performance fleet of 19 latest generation Diamond Aircraft aircraft and three new simulators FNPT flight. ”