Bagira had recently signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement to supply the Mission Trainer simulator for RAFAEL’s SPIKE anti-tank missile system. The contract consists of a 3-year purchase order for the production and supply of a SPIKE simulation package integrated with the original RAFAEL SPIKE weapon system components. The system will be fielded internationally by several SPIKE system end-users.

The SPIKE Mission Trainer simulation provides realistic training with a focus on realistic missile behavior, flight characteristics, battlespace environmental simulation, and the use of the original weapon system. The new SPIKE simulator can be integrated with other simulation systems to conduct exercises in the same virtual battlespace with the addition of joint-fires and infantry simulation systems and/or tactical engagement simulator systems (TESS).

This contract with Rafael is based on the successful delivery of the SPIKE training system by Bagira and Rafael to the IDF as part of the Joint-Fires Mission Trainers and the WARTAC (Warrior Readiness Training Centre) project.