Paramount Aviation Services’ second Boeing 737-800W (NG) full-flight simulator in Miami, Florida, received a level D certification under FAA CFR 14 Part 60 FD2.

The certification of the new 737NG simulator is a milestone for Paramount Aviation Services and a much-needed solution for the aviation training industry. With the new B737 FFS now available for training in Miami, airlines can reduce their reliance on older or less sophisticated simulators and provide their pilots with advanced training.  This new device will help to alleviate the shortage of Boeing 737NG flight training simulators and ensure that pilots receive the required training to operate the aircraft safely and professionally.

“The shortage of flight simulators continues to be a challenge,” said Vincent La Forgia, President of Paramount. “Our investments in solutions like this are essential to ensure that pilots are prepared to operate aircraft safely and effectively in today’s complex and ever-changing aviation landscape.”