In collaboration with VSTEP, Brabo Group – Belgium-based company that specializes in the safe piloting, mooring and unmooring of ships – has become the first Belgian customer to purchase a complete suite of turnkey solutions from VSTEP. The company required its own training center to educate not only its mooring boat skippers, but also skippers and crew from other organizations. By doing so, Brabo Group aims to pioneer inland education in the Port of Antwerp area, where no course currently exists to educate inland skippers. VSTEP is proud to have facilitated this milestone for the Brabo Group with the use of VSTEP’s NAUTIS simulators.

VSTEP will supply Brabo Group the right set of solutions. To reach their goals, Brabo invests in constructing dedicated spaces with each a different purpose. To train Brabo’s crew on the complex situation on Antwerp’s inland waterways, the company invests in a Vessel Handling Simulator, which is assisted by a Radar Simulator. This allows the professionals to be more focused on certain aspects of the train, which could vessel handling and radar training. Debriefing is key for learning. By having a dedicated debriefing space, the professionals are able to understand what they could have done better.

Herman Van Driessche, Brabo Group’s CEO, says: “VSTEP helped us find the most feasible solution for the training needs we have, offering us a lot of flexibility in their approach. Upon signing the agreement, VSTEP produced the renders that answer our exact needs and enable us to receive a clearer picture of what we will have installed in the end.“