According to a Delta spokesperson, Delta Air Lines plans to hire 4,000-6,000 flight attendants in 2023 to support its continued growth and to bolster work-life balance for its flight attendants. To support its growth plans, Delta has transformed its Atlanta Training Center in Georgia.

Both initial and recurrent training is provided at the Delta Atlanta Training Center, where the airline provides its team of instructors with resources to help flight attendants earn their wings and continue to hone the skills. Some new upgrades to the training center include several more classrooms, new training devices, a student lounge, and technology upgrades.

The center will now house 52 classrooms — an increase of 15 with the conversion of former dormitory spaces.

Six new cabin trainers have been installed, including three B737s, an A320, A330 and A350 — that were all built on site.

The new student lounge provides an upgraded space for Delta’s trainees to study or decompress.

In addition, Delta has made technology upgrades and expanded connectivity throughout the building. Improvements were also made to the pool facility, student waiting rooms, offices, and engagement areas.