Training Solutions for Aviation Training Professionals

The 19th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

29-30 August 2023 • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Cabin Crew training and recruitment is not easy right now. Covid has had a significant impact, leaving a personnel shortage with many industries competing for the available talent. And of those flight attendants that do make it through selection and training, only 50 percent are still employed by their airline after a year.

These factors have pushed airlines into hiring from new markets, often where candidates lack fluency in the global aviation language of English. Learning a language is difficult. It requires a lot of one-on-one coaching, which can add up to hours and hours of coaching and an expensive training bill.

So what is the solution?

Natalie Do.jpegAPATS 2023 speaker Natalie Do, Senior Director of International Expansion at ELSA Corp, will use her presentation to show you how AI can help!

ELSA’s AI English training has aided airlines such as Singapore Airlines train their cabin crew effectively, offering AI-based personalized feedback on their communication skills, leading to significant improvements in candidate proficiency levels. 

Natalie will detail how AI can help cut up to 80% of the training costs, while actually improving the quality thanks to personalisation.

Competitiveness for talent and for client attention is only going to rise, so the aviation industry needs to explore new methods to find efficient solutions to address the challenges of traditional training methods. 

Natalie's presentation is yet another example of the practical solutions that the 2023 APATS Conference will provide you with to take back to your airline or ATO. Look through our Cabin Crew, Pilot and Maintenance conference program schedules and plan your visit to Singapore and the iconic Marina Bay Sands here.

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